Commonwealth Championship Results
2019 Commonwealth Championships, St. John's NL, Canada
Special Olympics Championships
Bench Press Championships
Powerlifting Championships

7th Commonwealth Championships, Pootchefstrom, South Africa, 2017 Results for ALL Categories

6th Commonwealth Championships, Richmond BC, Canada, 2015
Results for ALL Categories.

5th Commonwealth Championships (with Oceania) 
Auckland, New Zealand - 2013

Men's Equipped
Men's Raw
Men's Equipped Bench Press
Men's Raw Bench Press
Women's Equipped
Women's Raw
Women's Equipped Bench Press
Women's Raw Bench Press

4th Commonwealth Championships
Bournemouth, England - 2011

Powerlifting Results

3rd Commonwealth Championships
Pune, India - 2009

Powerlifting Results - Best Lifters
Bench Press Results - Best Lifters

2nd Commonwealth Championships
Christchurch, New Zealand - 2007

Womens Results - Mens Results

1st Commonwealth Championships
Northumberland, England - 2005

Womens Results - Mens Results
Member Nation Results
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