Welcome to the official website of the IPF affiliated Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation.

Our goal is to develop and promote high-standard and enjoyable drug-free powerlifting competition at the Commonwealth International level.

Here is the revised lifting schedule for the upcoming Championships, posted July 5.

All nations should note that the deadline for your preliminary entries to be sent in is July 16.

All lifters, coaches, referees and others must also be entered into the Goodlift system by this date as well.

2019 Championships!
The 2019 CPF Championships will take place in Canada, in St. John's, Newfoundland, on Canada's far eastern coast. The Invitation and Nomination forms are now available for the event, at the links below.

Invitation document is here.

Nomination form is here.

The CPF is now setup to take Paypal for the annual affiliation fees. Send 50 British pounds to fees@commonwealthpowerlifting.com. Note the fees must be paid for any CPF records to be accepted from international events.

The CPF site is maintained by: Mike Armstrong